We Would Like to Introduce Ourselves.

Scott & Cindy Overlooking Aguas Caliente Peru.

We are Scott & Cindy and we are with Spiritual Travelings.   We wanted to introduce ourselves and thank you for visiting our community.  We have been adventurers at heart for as long as we can remember and we wanted to take a moment and tell you a little bit about ourselves. 


I (Scott) grew up in the small slice of country in the middle of Los Angeles and spent most of my early life bouncing along the Pacific Ocean on sailboats and traveling through the deserts of Southern California, Mexico, Central, Thailand, and South America. 


Cindy has had the fortune of being able to travel around the world for both work and pleasure with travels from trips across town to the other side of the globe.  


With our trusty adventure pups; Buddy and Nigel, we are currently Overlanding the Northwest with plans on venturing into the Beautiful Baja California Peninsula. 

Nigel Overlanding in Washington State
Buddy the Adventure Dog Overlanding the Ishi Wilderness.

It’s been our love for soulful travel and the connection to the culture and people that we visit that has inspired them to create this community with the purpose of encouraging and supporting one another in their own wanderings.   We invite you to join our forum community and share with us your special adventures.   If you would like to follow along by getting our announcements and newsletter, feel free to subscribe below. We look forward to hearing about your everyday Spiritual Travelings. 

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