What is Spiritual Travelings?

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

So Spiritual Traveling's... what is it? Is it something that we can do? Is it worth doing? That's what we're here to talk about. I'm Cindy and I am Scott and we are founders of the Spiritual Traveling's website. I's an online community forum designed around the soulful transformative activity that is travel and if you have a moment go online go to Spiritual Travelings and check it out...maybe and even join the conversation. So I think we kind of felt it was a good idea to maybe talk a little bit about what we're doing. It's an idea that that might need a little bit of a description. The idea is to encourage people to come together share their experiences and encourage one another. I think spiritual traveling is something of an intention. It's going into It with a purpose... being open and yet at the same time it's also doesn't require doing anything really at all. It's really kind of being present and kind of coming into the into the experience with an open / present mind. Keeping your eyes open for those things that I like to describe as a transformative, meaningful soulful experience. Something that changes your life and creates wonderful memories and maybe even changes the way you look at things around you.

Do I need to do something like Everest? No, that's the neat thing about the website… about the idea…. what we're trying to encourage is it doesn't have to be complicated. It can be very simple it can be something you do in an instant. Something like a walk in your backyard… a run down the street… going to a park in your own back yard… taking a short hike… local stuff all the way up to international travel. It's all around us, our spirituality and our connection to It ... It is everywhere and so it doesn't have to be any particular place or even activity. It can just simply be just getting out there. That is cool I mean there's no limits.. I mean you can't put it in a box

We do meetups from time to time and who knows what the future will hold but the idea is to support and encourage one another. The website has mapping software that will allow you to designate different areas that were really special in your life… . places that you have had a special experience at. It doesn't have to be the Taj Mahal or Mount Everest. It could simply be a hot spring next to a river… but anyways we all know how encouraging and how much of a difference it makes when we reach out to one another and support each other in our in our endeavors. So that's the hope and and we hope you guys will join us and go online and become part of the community. We hope you enjoyed this conversation and we look forward to seeing you out there in your spiritual travels.

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