Travel.... A Walking Meditation.

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Travel, a practice in the acceptance of the "what is". Travel has a unique way of drawing us into the present and insisting that we stay aware. Undoubtedly, it can be very difficult not to stay in the moment but new sites, smells and sounds reach out to our senses and touch us. One might say, travelers by nature, are born into a constantly changing existence with no two moments being same and having us learn how to adapt to the situation. And so it is with exploration and travel. So we walk; meditatively, into our new adventure with a clear mind and out eyes open. The more distant the subject matter of the travel is to our original point of departure,

the less likely we are to have a previous notion to reference as to "what is" before us. And so, we walk meditatively into the moment with an open mind and an open heart and it is there that we meet the sacred right before our eyes.

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