Sukhothai Historical Park.

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Hello Spiritual Travelers! Take a second and join us as we make our way to the 13th century capital city of Sukhothai Thailand. I want to start with talking about how to get to Sukhothai.

One of the really wonderful ways of getting to know a culture is to travel by local transportation and in this case the red bus is a wonderful way of getting over to the ruins. The historic city of Sukhothai covers 27 square miles and in the spirit of absorbing and feeling and being in touch with the area around, you bicycles are a wonderful way of seeing this ancient city.

Considered the first capital city of Thailand, Sukhothia was built in the 13th century and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. What impressed upon us most about our day spent at Sukhothai, was the sense of effort it must have taken to build such a beautiful and wondrous city. What an interesting culture this must have been… to be a part of… to have lived in during the 14th century. To be surrounded by such wondrous works; works that would remind you of your spirituality daily and of your connection to your higher power… to your purpose. These ruins are a reminder of the connection between the Thai people and their ancestors. To the connection between the practice of yesterday and today. Once again thank you very much for joining us as we travel through the city of Sukhothai. I hope that you are able to come here on your own travels, and if you do, you’ll take a little time in come and visit this wonderful place. Once again, thank you so much for spending time with us and we look forward to seeing you out there.

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