Updated: Aug 31, 2020

I have this really vivid memory of looking at this trail leading between these two buildings; I must have been around four years of age, and I start thinking to myself: where is this going? It must be special because it is obviously used often by the wear marks in the earth. At that point I started following trails and they lead me to wonderful places full of adventure and surprise. Alligator lizards, gopher snakes, salamanders were some of the friends I found along the way. Magic little forest outcroppings that grew at the bottom of the canyons and amazing rock formations unfolded along my journeys. From that point I was hooked. Open eyes and an open mind, I started to realize that if I brought my intention and held a little faith the magic of the world would present itself to me if I was patient enough. Overtime, it came to understand it a form of "traveling jazz". As there is with Jazz sheet music, there is a portion of the music that adds to the frame work of the piece but the real magic started to happen in those blank "bars" where the key signature and the tempo were the only guiding light and everything else was open to the imagination. It was those empty spaces; the unknown, that the sublime rises. As does everything, life changes and new opportunities unfold.

1969 Volkswagon Beetle at Mammoth Mountain ski resort.
Have horse will travel!

My next quantum leap of adventure took on the form of a mid sixties Volkswagen Beetle. I had just turned sixteen and the key to the vehicle became the keys to farther off places. An invitation to my best friends and a full tank of gas and it was on. Remembering that faith based wandering style, we hit the road without a destination in sight. Heading East on the 405 freeway out of Los Angeles, we "Rock Paper Sizer- ed" each freeway entrance until we ended up in the San Bernadino Mountains at Lake Arrowhead. An entirely new world to us, you might was well have told us that we had summit-ed Mount Everest; with that our sense of accomplishment would not have been any different. Over the years, I have taken that style of travel to many parts of the world and in the end I have found that the journey itself has always lead me to the things I need to see. A sort- of "spiritual journey" that if trusted would enhance and add to my life in a deeply profound way and so I will continue to walk in faith. Leaving a little room for the unknown to present itself; my life has been enriched. I have seen and experienced people and things that I know now were things that I needed to see. I am grateful.

It is with this spirit and honor of the soulfully enriching influences of travel that have built this website. The hope is to create a community that will share and encourage one another in their Spiritual Travelings. It is what that hope that I hope to hear your soulful wanderings and by doing so; all of our lives will be enriched - Gasho.

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