Not Knowing.

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Entrance to the mouth of the Klamath River.
Klamath River

So many times, the most amazing travels can be difficult and confusing. It is so wonderful to be in such good company as Dogen Zenji; japanes Buddhist priest who brought Soto Zen to Japan during 13th century , as he observed the same set of circumstances that we experiences as we go off into the world exploring the sublime and wandering along our spiritual travels.

Dogen Zenji wrote in Bendowa:

After many years a monk from the assembly of Yanquan went to the mountain

looking for wood to make a staff. He lost his way and after a while found

himself in front of Fachang’s hut.

Sometimes we think we are lost and yet our lives have found our way to

exactly where we need to practice.  How can you be curious about what door

you are in front of now and knock?  The intimacy of not-knowing is a place

of practice.

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