Gassho to the Turkeys and to the Quantum Zen that is life.

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Gassho to the Turkeys.
Northern Californian Wild Turkey.

I have been blessed with three wonderful indoor ... outdoor cats who have taken it upon themselves to make it their responsibility to remind me each morning that the sun is rising. I’m not sure when they decided this was their responsibility, but I have come to accept it since there doesn't seem to be much I can do to change it. What that means is that I’m up in the early morning each day... so I find that I must make the best of it and simply accept what it is and go along with my day. I live in the foothills of the Mendocino Mountains and I am blessed to say that for that reason I call the wild life in this area my neighbors. In the early morning hours... some of those good neighbors come to visit me and it's a joy. Often times it's during those quiet early morning hours that I will take the time to have some coffee, reflect, meditate and visit with these amazing critters.

We do live in an amazing world. On this planet earth, new understandings are happening all around us. In the world of physics, there seems to be a lot of discussion going around about the relationship between us and our environment… between the observer and the observed. One such subject studied revolves around the act of observing. There seems to be some agreement that both the observer and the object of the intention are mutually connected by their observance of one another. Now here's the real kicker, the word observation...observation is one of those connections. That through observation and, therefore consciousness, we are all connected. That this mutual observational connection, we manifest a response in the other, purely on the basis of being observed. This has some very profound implications. This supports the idea that we are not separate from the things around us but instead are in some way a participant and catalyst in their development. Simultaneously, Zen has always spoken about the power of pure awareness and the absence of "no -thing", things do not exist in isolation...the elephant being observed by multiple blind men.

Oh there I go again, I seemed to have apologies. Well, it was during one such morning that some of my local residents came "a callin'." Now, I like to think that it is my company that draws many of my guests, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the bird seed that the local Blue Jay have been kicking all over the ground was probably the draw for the four turkey hens that have been coming by lately. Wild turkey, by nature, tend to be a very apprehensive, cautious animal, but for some time now we have been building a bit of a rapport. You see, I have found that when we first come upon each another, a simple bow of Gassho is all that is required to communicate mutual respect and trust. By simply placing my two hands together, placed in front of my face and with a slight bow, the effect between us is of peace and the term Gassho implies, the acknowledgement of the divine in one another. Now, I can hear you saying "what kind of silliness is this?" I hear you, I get it. It doesn't sound reasonable, but I have been visiting with these same four ladies for some time now, and we have established a mutual acknowledgement of respect and trust. There seems to be a bit of Quantum Zen at work here.

In the end, the sublime is all around us. The divine exists every moment. It simply requires that we are very present in the moment to take advantage of those times and understanding that our mere presence and intentions create outcomes in the world. Present moments in which we have an opportunity to create positive outcomes that will benefit all. Going forward, I make myself available to those Quantum Zen moments, and when I observe them I will clasp my hands together and bow in Gassho with the acknowledgment of my divinity recognizing the divinity in front of me. Who would have thought that a simple bow of greeting would have created such a unique relationship.

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