Updated: Aug 30, 2020

I recently spoke to a few friends about the connection that exists between the travelers of the sea. I grew up on the ocean including living on sailboats and a career in sailboat manufacturing. For those of you who venture into the wilds of the ocean, you probably remember the unwritten code that exists between mariners; we all watch out for one another. If someone is in distress, we will be there to help. This applies to all makes and sizes of boats. I couldn't tell you how many numerous tales of vessels that have diverted great lengths to assist a brother in need that I have come across.

By the mere fact that you are on the Spiritual Travelings Boating forum, I am going to assume that this is a subject near and dear to your soul and since water seems to be running thru your viens I want to share an awesome Youtube channel; Sailing Vessel Delos. They are a group of awesome adventurers who have been circumnavigating the world for years now and have been documenting their exploits with video and they go and they are now raising a newborn baby on the sea and floating around the Caribbean. These guys are the bomb. In the most recent video, they were hailed by the U. S Coast guard as the chopper circles closely nearby and requests communication on the VHS radio. They come to find out that the crew of the rescue chopper are big fans of their channel and they just wanted to wish them safe travels and reminded them to "take care of that awesome baby of theirs".

Now I gotta tell you, I'm one weird bird cause I started to tear up. Out of the blue, without thought I now live on 30 acres in the foot hills of Northern California where I built my home form raw land but this was reminding me of the camaraderie and support that exists in the nautical community and I got to tell you, it felt good. I guess it is even more poignant today as we live in such a divided world. It was taking me back to the many years that family has pulled a weary and exhausted windsurfer who has drifted far out to sea because he no longer had the strength sail back to shore; the time the mast of my sailboat broke in heavy winds and I was immediately towed back to the marina by an even small sailboat.... or the time my father and I came across a stranded family in a small fishing boat many miles out to sea whose engine would not start and needed a lift back home...........this list goes on and on.

For those who have not been involved with a community of people who care and look after one another, I pray that someday they might.

We are greater than the sum of our parts.

We are capable of doing greater things as a group. The mere knowledge that “I am part of a "bigger thing” gives me the courage and support to go farther into the unknown than I would have if I had thought I was alone. Heck, I just realized that the creation of this online community was for that same exact purpose. To encourage and support you to go into your passion with the knowledge that we are here to encourage and support you as well.

A connection is a wonderfully powerful thing and I wish that for everyone. Matter of fact, I'm going to go one step further, ............ you are part of my community and by default, I'm there for you. Take care guys and I'll see you out there and if you see me........ stop by and say hi.


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