Meditation Valley

Indonesian Lava Stone Buddha Statue

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Meditation Valley is a meditation group that is a subset of the of Spiritual Travelings Community and is rooted in the Soto Zen tradition of Mahayana Buddhism.  The teaching and our practice emphasize meditation, guiding our lives by the moral Percepts of Buddhism, awakening the heart of compassion and expressing it through selfless activity in everyday life.   


We are affiliated with Redding Zen Priory, and the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives.  All are welcome to come to the meditation group meetings and retreats.  The views/ ideas/ teaching expressed here do not necessarily represent those of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives as a whole.


Located on thirty acres in Cottonwood California, Meditation Valley is a three-eights mile long walking path through the shady riparian oak woodland of Tehama County to a secluded valley of serene meditation and field of merit.