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Affiliate Disclosure Policies

Spiritual Travelings has been created and written by Scott Johnson for the purpose of making space for a spiritual wandering community dedicated to supporting and encouraging one another in the soulful adventure of travel.  My forum and blog posts are based upon my own experiences; in this wonderful adventure called life, and it is produced with the intention of providing spiritual travel inspiration, encouragement and resource information to our readers.   

In the spirit of encouragement, collaboration and community, Spiritual Travelings makes recommendations of products, locations, lodging and  other activities I have personal experience with.   Spiritual Travelings is a for profit blog and it includes affiliate links to the service and product providers that has helped me in my journeys and in turn that I hope will serve this community as well.  If you click on an affiliate link , we may receive a small commission.  This does not result in any additional cost to you, and the affiliate money we earn helps pay the fees to keep this site up and running -  support and encouragement goes both ways. 


These recommendations are based on my own  experiences and the items and services are products I have used and would use again in the future.  I only endorse and promote products I trust and use myself.  Products I review are either purchased myself or were given to me free of charge for review.  Those items given without cost are not guaranteed of a positive review. 

Though extra precautions and research has always been put into my travels, Spiritual Travelings can not be held responsible for your personal safety.  Please do the research and always be careful out there.  

At this time we are currently working with these affiliates:

*  CJ Affiliate

* Trip Advisor

* Lonely Planet Books


Changes made to the policy will be identified on this page and reflected in the modification date bellow.  If you have any questions, please contact me at

Last modified : June 30, 2020