What are Spiritual Travelings ?

Machu Picchu

     Spiritual Travelings is an every day spiritual travel community whose intention is to encourage, inspire, and facilitate sharing special moments and places with one another.  Spiritual travelings do not take any specific form, they do not lend themselves to just one form of movement. A simple walk or international travel, they can happen at any time under any circumstance and often when you least expect them... everyday spirituality.


What I can say is that oftentimes these experiences affect your life strongly.  They come with an increase in clarity and awareness and often times with it an expanded view of the world around you.  An opening to a world that you were not aware of before but now you are and you will not be again.  Where do these happenings take place?   Are they only at the foot of the great pyramids?  From the top of the Andes Mountains overlooking Machu Pichu?   Sometimes but not always.  Nothing is separate from the divine so therefore the divine is all around us; It can happen anywhere or any place.  A walk down the street or on a planned trip to some exotic destination. The subject of profound travel is more akin to orientation than to a form or location of travel.   I guess you could say that it is more a choice to go into the world and be open…. receptive to the sublime around us no matter where we are.

     We hope that you take the time to join our community, share, and listen to some of the stories told here.  It is our hope that this community will be a supportive environment that spurs on many wondrous adventures ahead.